About us

CEO For Life Products LLC

For Life Products is proud to manufacture a full line of Rejuvenate Marine cleaning products in the USA. Since Rejuvenate’s introduction to the market, our cleaning products have consistently outperformed the competition. With a wide assortment of cleaning products, Rejuvenate is an established leader in the floor care, restoration and home cleaning areas.

Rejuvenate Marine Products are a powerful addition to the Rejuvenate family, with products available nation-wide. You can see the entire line at the manufacturer's websites www.rejuvenatemarine.com and www.rejuvenateproducts.com

Keep an eye out for more great products as we are constantly developing and researching new items!

CEO, Joe McDonnell - Successful Business Entrepreneur

With three decades of experience as a successful business entrepreneur, inventor and spokes-person on TV shopping networks, Joe truly understands what it takes to successfully introduce a product to the retail market. It started with his invention of the first of its kind carbon monoxide detector followed by an online security protocol still being used by most banks, Sprint & AMEX.

In 1999 Joe launched the Rejuvenate cleaning and restoration product line on QVC, which remains #1 in its product category. Other brand successes include Air Innovations (www.air-innovations.com) and Pursfection (www.pursfection.com)

Joe has his BA in marketing from the University of Miami, a degree in law from St. John's University and is admitted to the bar in New York.