Your boat’s upholstery and vinyl surfaces see a lot of traction. Guests lounge on your boat’s upholstered seats as they soak in the sun during a fun day out on the water. Vinyl surfaces get smudge marks and dirt from all the touching and rubbing, and combined with dirty upholstery, your boat can easily look dirtier than it is despite everything else being fairly clean. To quickly clean these problematic areas of your boat, marine cleaners specially formulated for upholstered seats and vinyl areas will definitely help!

Marine Cleaners For Quick Cleaning

If you’re just about to go out on the water and you notice dirty seats or vinyl surfaces, there are many marine cleaners available that will quickly get them looking like new. You want to make sure you use the right boat care products, though, so that you don’t ruin your boat’s seats or damage its vinyl. Marine cleaners for upholstered seats should be effective, but also gentle at the same time so that nothing is damaged during the cleaning process. Upholstery boat care products should also be easy to use, requiring no harsh scrubbing or cleaning, which can also lead to damage if you’re not careful.

The Only Boat Care Products You Need

No need to overwhelm yourself trying to find the best boat care products out there when you can simply get the best from Rejuvenate Marine. Rejuvenate is already a top choice when it comes to household cleaning products, Rejuvenate Marine creates specialty boat care products that make cleaning your boat a breeze! They offer a wide variety of marine care offerings, including products that are made just for upholstery and vinyl surfaces.

A Great Vinyl Restorer For Boats

If your boat’s vinyl surfaces and seats are looking a bit old and dingy, it’s time to use Rejuvenate Marine’s vinyl restorer for boats. The special spray-on formula restores boat seats with no oily residue left behind. Meant to moisturize, soften and condition leather and vinyl surfaces, all you need to do is spray it on, rub with a microfiber cloth and then let dry! Plus, you can easily use this vinyl restorer for boats on your leather furniture at home or on vinyl automobile interiors.

The Best Boat Upholstery Cleaner

While the vinyl restorer for boats should be done after enjoying a day out on the water, you can do a quick pre-trip cleaning using Rejuvenate Marine’s boat upholstery cleaner! Formulated with powerful ingredients to get out dirt, sweat, grime and more, you don’t have to worry about any hash degreasers ruining or drying out your vinyl or leather surfaces. Simply spray it on and then rub with a clean microfiber cloth and that’s it!