As a boat owner, one of your top priorities is keeping your boat running properly. You make sure it has fuel and works correctly, but are you also cleaning it as often as you should? While many boaters would like to think that they are keeping up with their boat’s maintenance, the fact is they’re not. Instead of using the correct boat cleaning supplies, some owners are using anything they have at home to clean their vessel.

Using household cleaning products can potentially do more harm than good. That’s why you want to make sure you use specific boat cleaning supplies. With the right boat cleaning products on hand, you’ll be able to keep your boat looking like new without ruining the various surfaces. So, if you’re wondering what specific boat cleaning supplies you’ll need for optimum boat care, here are a few essentials!

Quality Boat Cleaning Products

Don’t trust your precious vessel and its numerous surfaces to just any boat cleaning products you find! Not all boat cleaning supplies are made using the same standards or quality that Rejuvenate Marine has in its products. Cheaper products won’t do as good as a job as Rejuvenate Marine’s boat cleaning products. Many other brands don’t clean as great as they’re advertised and can possibly harm your boat’s surfaces. Don’t take a chance and instead opt to buy boat cleaning products from Rejuvenate Marine!

The Only Boat Upholstery Cleaner You’ll Need

Your boat’s upholstery gets dirty fast. It’s what everyone sits on and uses while enjoying a day out on the water on your vessel. To combat dirty upholstery, you’ll need a dedicated boat upholstery cleaner. A quick wipe down with Rejuvenate Marine’s boat upholstery cleaner is all you need to get rid of dirt, sun lotion, bird droppings and grime. You’ll see amazing results after just one application of our boat upholstery cleaner!

An Easy-To-Use Boat Seat Cleaner

Dirty vinyl and leather on your boat’s seat translates to mildew and mold. This can then lead to deterioration of the inner foam patting of your boat’s seats, plus permanent staining. Combat this problem using Rejuvenate Marine’s boat seat cleaner. Formulated with no harsh degreasers, you’ll never have to worry about your boat’s seats drying, cracking or peeling. The powerful nanotechnology formula of our boat seat cleaner will penetrate deep into the seat’s pores and crevices. The result is clean seats with no trace of stains or dirt! Simply spray on the boat seat cleaner and then rub gently with a soft microfiber for optimal results.

An Effective Boat Hull Cleaner

Your boat’s hull spends a lot of time in the water. That means it gets dirty fast. Remove all that dirt, marine algae, rust, scum lines and more using our effective boat hull cleaner. Regular cleaning of the hull will not only make it look clean but also reduce drag. Your boat will move more efficiently through water after regular use of our boat hull cleaner.