Just as you protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays with sunblock while out on your boat, you need to do the same to your boat’s vinyl, leather and fabric surfaces. Not only can the sun fade and damage these areas, but the weather and years of use can also cause wear and tear vinyl or leather seats, as well as upholstered surfaces made with synthetic fibers. The key to prohibiting this from happening is marine boat care protection! Rejuvenate Marine offers superior quality boat care products that include special protection formulas for these commonly used surfaces on your boat.

Boat Care Made Easy

Rejuvenate Marine has taken the guesswork out of boat care so that you spend more time having fun on the water than worrying about protecting or cleaning your boat. With their various effective and fast-acting formulas, you never have to spend hours scrubbing down any part of the boat while cleaning. This provides you more time with friends and family out on the lake or at sea. All of their boat care products are made using biodegradable formulas that are environmentally friendly yet powerful enough to protect and clean an array of surfaces on your favorite weekend vessel. Rejuvenate Marine’s boat care products make it easier than ever to protect your boat’s vinyl, leather and fabric surfaces!

Boat Care Products With Professional Cleaning Power

The Rejuvenate Marine Fabric Guard Spray-On application restores water repellency to natural and synthetic fabrics on your boat. This boat care product provides UV protection, prevents mold growth and acts as a water repellent – all while sealing and protecting a variety of surfaces, including boat covers, sails, seams, outdoor vinyl leather seats and even carpeting. Its powerful nanotechnology also protects against soiling and oil-based stains, providing you ease of mind that these surfaces are protected so that you don’t have to worry about damage.

The Best Vinyl Restorer For Boats

The last thing you want is to have to replace your boat’s vinyl or leather surfaces due to sun or water damage. So, having the best vinyl restorer for boats is essential to any boating enthusiast. Rejuvenate Marine’s Leather & Vinyl Conditioner will moisturize, restore and protect all leather and vinyl surfaces as part of your boat’s regular maintenance. The formula restores boat seats and leaves no oily residue behind. This boat vinyl conditioner creates a protective barrier that prevents stains from absorbing deep into the surface, leaving behind a subtle, natural fragrance that will keep these surfaces soft, supple and lustrous!