You most likely love your boat, but probably hate the cleaning that comes with it. Proper maintenance is essential to keeping your boat running and looking good. Cleaning is part of proper boat care, but not every owner really loves to do it. We don’t blame you! Boat care can be tough, especially after a long day out on the water. Cleaning is the last thing you want to do, right? However, it must be done if you want your boat to look great. That’s why you need Rejuvenate Marine boat care products! All of our boat care products feature powerful formulas that do the hard work for you. You won’t have to do any harsh scrubbing or deep cleaning if you regularly use Rejuvenate Marine boat care offerings!

Boat Vinyl Care Made Easy

An essential part of proper boat care is taking care of its vinyl surfaces. This includes seats and cushions. To adequately keep them clean and stain-free, use Rejuvenate Marine’s boat vinyl care offerings! The Fabric Guard will restore water repellency to natural and synthetic fabrics. Great for boat vinyl care, this product will also prevent mold growth and maintain colorfastness with its easy spray-on application. Thanks to its powerful nanotechnology fabric protection formula, the solution creates a powerful barrier to seal and protect a variety of surfaces. Boat vinyl care has never been so easy!

A Better Fiberglass Boat Cleaner

You need to take extra care for you boat’s fiberglass surfaces and Rejuvenate Marine can help you do that. Thanks to our fiberglass boat cleaner, your hull will look sparkly clean after every trip! The fiberglass boat cleaner instantly cleans fiberglass, metal and gel coat surfaces. The application is easy since you spray on and rinse off. No harsh scrubbing is required, which is why it’s perfect for owners who hate to clean! The fiberglass boat cleaner leaves behind a smooth finish that will reduce drag and could save you money on fuel.

A Wide Variety Of Boat Care Products

Besides our fiberglass boat cleaner and boat vinyl care offerings, we have a variety of other boat care products. From bilge cleaners and degreasers to heavy-duty boat soap, we carry it all! All of our boat care products are easy to use and affordable. You’ll be able to keep your boat clean and save money! Rejuvenate Marine is your one-stop shop for your boat care product needs.