Enjoying your boat is always a good time but cleaning it not so much! No matter how much you want to skip your boat cleaning duties, there are two things you should never skip - cleaning your boat’s hull or places that are susceptible to mold and mildew! You want to make sure that you do all you can to ensure that your boat’s fiberglass hull is strong and clean in order to save on fuel and make it glide through the water smoothly. Mold and mildew is a common headache for boat owners and easily springs up on you if you don’t keep up with your boat cleaning maintenance.

Investing In The Right Boat Hull Cleaner

In order to get your boat’s hull clean, you need to invest in the right boat hull cleaner. Using anything other than a dedicated boat hull cleaner can cause damage to the hull and leave it partially clean. Investing in a quality boat hull cleaner like the one offered by Rejuvenate Marine won’t just clean it from dirt and debris, but also protect its surface! In fact, the right boat care products can do wonders when it comes to providing the right cleaning power and protection so that your boat always looks like new! The Rejuvenate Marine boat hull cleaner features a nanotechnology cleaning formula that removes things like fish blood, rust, algae, water scum lines and so much more. It’s the only boat hull cleaner you’ll ever want to use on your precious vessel!

An Affordable Fiberglass Boat Cleaner

Besides a powerful cleaning formula, Rejuvenate Marine’s fiberglass boat cleaner instantly cleans dirt and debris without any heavy scrubbing needed. Simply spray on, rinse off and you’re done! Not only is this fiberglass boat cleaner really easy to use, but it’s also really affordable. You won’t have to break the bank when purchasing the fiberglass boat cleaner as you would for other boat care products.

A Powerful Boat Mildew Remover

Mold and mildew can wreak havoc on your boat, making it dirty and bad for your health and that of your passengers. In order to get rid of mildew, you’ll need a powerful boat mildew remover! Rejuvenate Marine’s boat mildew remover is just that - powerfully removing mildew and its stains on contact. Simply spray the boat mildew remover on the surface, wipe it and then rinse clean. It’s safe to use on natural and synthetic fabrics, while still utilizing a powerful formula, making this boat mildew remover one of the best on the market!

A Safe Boat Mildew Cleaner

The powerful formula in Rejuvenate Marine’s boat mildew cleaner gets the job done without harming the environment or posing a risk to your passengers. The boat mildew cleaner is great to use when you need to quickly remove dirt and mildew from boat covers, canvas sails, vinyl seats and other surfaces of your boat. Use the boat mildew cleaner before a day out on the water or after to ensure your boat is free of mildew!

Quality Boat Care Products

Rejuvenate Marine offers a wide variety of other specialized boat care products you’ll also want to incorporate into your boating cleaning chores. From deck cleaners to bilge cleaners, you can get all of your boat care products from the same trusted brand!