Rejuvenate Marine Cleaning Products Safe for Marine Life

How Dilution Works

Did you know that all the liquids used in Rejuvenate Marine® boat care products are bio-degradable? All our marine cleaning and maintenance products are proudly Made in the USA and are both safe for the environment and safe for marine life! 

Every cleaning product on the market has an optimal active ingredient concentration. Many cleaning products, such as Rejuvenate Marine® Concentrated Heavy Duty Boat Soap, have to be diluted before you use them. Without sufficient water, the product won’t clean effectively (imagine switching off the water valve to your washer and only adding detergent when you do your laundry – small disaster!).

With too much water, however, the cleaning power would be drastically reduced. As water is added to a cleaning agent, there are fewer surfactant molecules per ounce which will mean less interaction with the dirt on the surface and poor performance. Imagine adding water to a perfume bottle – it still smells sweet, but it won't be nearly as effective as using it full strength.

Diluting Marine Care Cleaning Products 

Always follow package instructions when using a boat cleaning product. Certain formulas, like Rejuvenate Marine® Concentrated Heavy Duty Boat Soap, need to be diluted with water before using. Although tap water is okay, for maximum efficiency it's better to use distilled or filtered water that is both pH neutral and free from any minerals or other chemicals.

You should always add water first, then the product, to the container or bucket to reduce foam. Use a funnel to help avoid spills if you're going to pour the cleaning solution into a spray bottle. Gently stir, shake or agitate the diluted solution to mix well before use.


Dilution in the Ocean

Dilution in the Ocean 

At a time when awareness of environmental protection is growing, understanding the effects of chemicals entering the ocean is vital. Quantity, composition, and degradability are the factors that determine how harmful a solution is to the ecosystems that the chemical comes into contact with.

Accidents can happen so let's take a look at what happens if a sample of diluted cleaning product (say 32 ounces) consisting of 10% active ingredients enters the ocean? How long will it take to disperse to a negligible concentration?

Various factors determine the rate at which the sample is completely diluted (currents, temperature, depth, etc.) but assuming average conditions, a dispersion rate of 0.01m/s (according to studies conducted using dye) for coastal waters can be used. In this case, the active ingredients would be a thousand times weaker after one minute, and after 10 minutes the concentration of the active ingredients would be one millionth of their initial concentration (effectively zero).

So, if you accidently spill something while cleaning your boat, you never have to worry about harming the environment when using Rejuvenate Marine® biodegrable liquid cleaning products.


Professional Cleaning Power of Rejuvenate Marine

Rejuvenate Marine® products are non-toxic to the environment and safe to use on a variety of natural and synthetic marine surfaces.


Use the professional cleaning power of our nanotechnology formulated products to clean and restore your vessel and make your boat look like new. Leave your vessel looking pristine with Rejuvenate Marine®!


Rejuvenate Marine® Non-Skid Deck Cleaner 
Safe for all fiberglass, gel coat, synthetic teak and painted surfaces.

Rejuvenate Marine® Mildew Stain Remover 
Cleans and protects against mildew stains.

Rejuvenate Marine® Concentrated Fish Box Deodorizer 
Eliminates foul odors on contact with no scrubbing involved.

Rejuvenate Marine® Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 
Cleans away deeply embedded dirt, sweat& salt spray from all vinyl & leather surfaces.

Rejuvenate Marine® Leather & Vinyl Conditioner 
Rehydrates, restores, protects leather and vinyl exposed to hard marine environments.

Rejuvenate Marine® Hull Cleaner 
Cleans hull surface to help move boat through water with less resistance.

Rejuvenate Marine® Fabric Guard 
Keeps all fabrics, canvas, sails, carpets, leather and vinyl looking new for years.

Rejuvenate Marine® Heavy Duty Soap 
Concentrated formula to clean even the toughest dirt and grime.

Rejuvenate Marine® Bilge Cleaner & Degreaser 
Safely clean, degrease and deodorize your bilge.