Mildew and boats go hand in hand. The wet environment the boat has can be a breeding ground for mildew and mold. If you’re not careful and properly clean your boat regularly, mildew can become a serious problem. But that’s okay as long as you have the best boat mildew remover on hand! Rejuvenate Marine’s boat mildew remover is just what you need in situations like these. The powerful formula of the boat mildew remover will stop mold and mildew in their tracks. No boat should be without this boat mildew remover!

A Better Boat Mildew Cleaner

The Rejuvenate Marine boat mildew cleaner removes mildew stains on contact, while also cleaning and protecting surfaces. Thanks to its nanotechnology formula, the boat mildew cleaner is safe to use on all natural and synthetic fabrics on your vessel. The boat mildew remover will quickly remove both dirt and mildew from surfaces like vinyl seat cushions, boat covers and more – all without deteriorating any stitching. Plus, the boat mildew cleaner helps prevent future mildew stains from forming. It’ll protect your precious vessel from the harmful spread of mildew. All your boat’s surfaces will be clean and protected thanks to Rejuvenate Marine’s boat mildew cleaner, including your vinyl cushions.

The Best Boat Deck Cleaner, Too!

Besides a better boat mildew cleaner, Rejuvenate Marine also offers the best boat deck cleaner, too! The non-skid formula will instantly remove any stains, spills and dirt on your boat’s deck, which gets a lot of traction while in use. You’ll notice all sorts of dirt and stains on the deck after a day out on the water. But with the best boat deck cleaner, all of it will vanish after one use. Keep the best boat deck cleaner on your boat so that you have easy access to it when it’s time to clean. As the best boat deck cleaner around, you’ll also be able to use it on your boat’s swim platform and other textured surfaces.

Pro Cleaning Tips For Rejuvenate Marine’s Boat Deck Cleaner

To get optimum results with Rejuvenate Marine’s boat deck cleaner, follow these pro cleaning tips! If the deck is dry, you’ll want to spray some water on it before using this boat deck cleaner. A wet deck just makes cleaning it a whole lot easier! Once it’s lightly wet, use a deck brush to clean larger areas. But a handheld scrub brush will do for smaller surfaces and hard to reach areas on your deck. This boat deck cleaner is safe to use on gel coat, synthetic teak, fiberglass and painted surfaces.