Powerful Nanotechnology in Rejuvenate Marine Products

Rejuvenate Marine® uses nanotechnology in all their professional boat cleaning products. Nanotechnology is science on a microscopic level. Understanding, studying and manipulating molecules, atoms, and their interactions with each other has opened up a world of possibilities as this technology is incorporated across various sectors including chemical applications.

Cleaning Products and Nanotechnology

How does this space-age technology benefit Rejuvenate Marine® marine care cleaning products?

Due to the advancements in nanotechnology and the creation of nanoparticles (really, really small particles), it is possible to replace chemical additives in cleaning products (that produce harmful by-products) with more environmentally friendly and sustainable ones. Not only are these nanoparticles safer for the environment and the consumer, but they also increase the effectiveness of the product in question.


Cleaning Products and Nanotechnology


While existing products are being optimized, brand new products are being born from this technology. Nanotechnology boat cleaning products feature a variety of benefits such as the ability to kill bacteria, eliminate odors, prevent damage from UV rays, and repel both dirt and water.


Some of the ground-breaking applications of nano-technology include: 

  • Self-cleaning glass
  • Self-cleaning fabrics
  • Nanoparticle soaps
  • Cleansing films
  • Antibacterial coatings
  • Silver-ion washing machines
  • Water purification


The possibilities are endless!


Rejuvenate Marine Cleaning Products

Nanotechnology in the chemical world makes products smarter, safer and sustainable. It’s the way of the future and will undoubtedly change the way we live (and clean)! 

Rejuvenate Marine® nanotechnology cleaning products help marine surfaces repel dirt and liquid. What this means for you, the boat owner, is that any surface treated with these innovative products will stay cleaner longer and will take less effort on your part to keep clean.


Rejuvenate Marine Cleaning Products


The most important parts of any boat cleaning formulas are the active ingredients they contain. Active ingredients are what give the product its cleaning power – the ability to restore a surface or fabric to its unspoiled condition.


Active Cleaning Product Ingredients

In the world of marine care cleaning products, there are a few essential active ingredients that together form the products we know and trust.


  • Surfactants (Surface Active Agents)

These chemicals help reduce the surface tension of water which in turn loosens and removes dirt from the item being cleaned. Surfactants consist of one end (hydrophobic) that is attracted to gunk and grime on the surface and another end (hydrophilic) that is attracted to water. This unique chemical property allows this agent to grab hold of dirt, grease and oil and remove it from the surface it was attached to, leaving the surface or fabric clean. 

The other chemicals found in cleaning products serve to support the surfactant in its role of cleaning.


  • Chelating Agents

The sole purpose of these chemicals is to deal with hard water. They change the charge of metal ions (calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese) naturally found in hard water so that they do not bond with the surfactants and “use them up” during the cleaning process.


  • Builders

Hard water may cause detergents to form scum, which is not effective for cleaning purposes. Not unlike chelating agents, builders serve to soften the water by interacting with the metal ions present.

In addition to this, they change the pH of the water making it more alkaline – the optimum pH for surfactants to work effectively. Builders also help to emulsify greasy/oily soil and breaking it into smaller particles that can be washed away.


Active Cleaning Product Ingredients


  • Solvents

In the same way that you require water and not just soap to clean your dishes, your clothes, and your body; cleaning products are largely made up of water (a solvent) or alternatively, require dilution with water before use.


Solvents help:

  • Improve cleaning efficiency
  • Disinfectant by lowering surface tension
  • Improve product stability and increase shelf life


Water plays a massive role in the cleaning process. It helps to break up the dirt so that the surfactants can bond more effectively with it. Water also prevents this dirt from re-settling back onto the surface as it is the medium that suspends or “carries” the surfactant-dirt duo away from the surface.


  • Preservatives – As most chemical products are biodegradable (can be broken down by bacterial action), preservatives help to delay this process and keep the product usable for a longer period. This helps the cleaning product have a longer shelf life and helps prevent decay and spoilage.


Rejuvenate Marine Product Line


Rejuvenate Marine® uses nanotechnology to formulate their marine care cleaning products. Always make sure to read package instructions to follow any instructions for diluting our powerful, professional cleaning products.


Use our products to help repel dirt, debris and water from your boat’s hull, deck, chairs, canvas, sails and more and make your boat look like new. Leave your vessel looking pristine with Rejuvenate Marine!


Rejuvenate Marine® Non-Skid Deck Cleaner 
Spray on, lightly agitate the surface being treated and wipe away – no scrubbing needed!

Rejuvenate Marine® Mildew Stain Remover 
Cleans and protects boat covers, canvas, sails, vinyl cushions and more from mildew stains.

Rejuvenate Marine® Concentrated Fish Box Deodorizer 
Just pour, add water, gently agitate and drain away all foul fish box odors.

Rejuvenate Marine® Leather & Vinyl Cleaner 
Clean and restore all leather and vinyl surfaces on your boat, automobile and outdoor furniture.

Rejuvenate Marine® Leather & Vinyl Conditioner 
Spray on and lightly buff with microfiber towel to restore shine and lust of all leather and vinyl surfaces.

Rejuvenate Marine® Hull Cleaner 
Instantly clean and remove hull stains including fish blood, salt scum line, marine algae and more.

Rejuvenate Marine® Fabric Guard 
Spray on formula repels water, prevents mold growth and protects against UV damage.

Rejuvenate Marine® Heavy Duty Boat Soap 
Concentrated formula makes up to 50-gallons of boat soap to safely eliminate salt, dirt, grime and bird droppings.

Rejuvenate Marine® Bilge Cleaner & Degreaser 
Safe and non-toxic formula eliminates odors naturally, leaving behind a clean and refreshing scent.