There’s probably nothing better than taking your precious vessel out on your favorite body of water on a warm, sunny day and spending the day having fun with family and friends. It’s like a dream come true! However, that can turn into a nightmare when you get a whiff of strange odors coming from various parts of your boat. Months or worse years of neglect or improper boat cleaning can make a fun day on your boat into a odoriferous one! So, whether you use your boat regularly throughout the year or only a few times during boating season, you need to ensure that your vessel is free from pungent odors. The best way to make sure your boat smells great all the time is to clean it often and use quality marine care products!

A Better Bilge Cleaner

One place a stench can gain momentum on your boat is the bilge. You need to make sure you clean this part of your part regularly with the right bilge cleaner or else you’re stuck with foul odors that will make your boating trips very unpleasant for you and your guests. The Rejuvenate Marine boat bilge cleaner features a non-toxic formula that cleans, degreases and removes sludge. This bilge cleaner has a special nanotechnology bilge cleaning formula that will eliminate odors naturally, leaving behind a clean, fresh scent. You should clean this area of your boat once a month and the Bilge Cleaner & Degreaser is perfect for monthly upkeep! The bilge cleaner is easy to use, simply spraying it in the area and gently scrubbing away the grime and dirt.

Get Rid of Smells With A Boat Vinyl Cleaner

Your boat’s vinyl surfaces can often trap foul odors and overtime be unbearable to be around. To fix this rancid problem, Rejuvenate Marine offers a boat vinyl cleaner that will get rid of strange smells caused by dirt, grime, mold, and anything else that can cause bad smells. The boat vinyl cleaner is made especially for marine-grade vinyl surfaces so you won’t have to worry about running the vinyl. There’s no need to scrub hard with this boat vinyl cleaner since it features a powerful formula that will get out even stubborn stains and smells.

An Effective Boat Seat Cleaner

Sunscreen, sweat, dirt, grime and lots of other things can start to build up on your boat’s seats, which can lead to terrible stench. An effective boat seat cleaner is what you need to ensure that your seats not only look good, but also smell good! The Rejuvenate boat seat cleaner will clear away years of stains and remove dirt, body oils, sweat, grime and more with an easy spray-on application. You won’t find any harsh degreasers in this boat seat cleaner, which means it won’t dry out vinyl or leather. If an effective boat seat cleaner is what you need, look no further than Rejuvenate Marine!

A Powerful Boat Deck Cleaner

Your boat’s deck sees a lot of traction and can get dirty really fast. Unless you clean it right away, all that dirt, fish blood and grime can really build up and become putrid. The right boat deck cleaner will not only remove ground-in dirt, spills and bird stains, but will also eliminate any soured, stained and foul smells. But the best part about this boat deck cleaner is the fact that you heavy scrubbing is required. The nanotechnology boat deck cleaner formula also creates a protective barrier on the boat’s textured fiberglass or painted deck. Your deck will be safeguarded against any future stains with this powerful boat deck cleaner in your cleaning arsenal!