Boat Storage Tips; 8 Steps to Winterize Your Boat

How to Winterize Your Boat

Winter is tough on boats. To keep your boat in great shape through the winter, check out these practical tips from Rejuvenate® Marine. Get ready to clean, protect, store and winterize your boat so you can be the first one out on the water next summer.

Clean and Protect Your Boat

Here are 8 simple steps to clean and maintain your boat. Rejuvenate Marine’s boat detailing products cut your cleaning time in half.


1.  Clean the Bilge

Cleaning the bilge can be a smelly affair. Salt spray, water, grease and oil and other nasty “stuff” accumulates there and poses a threat to the condition of the bilge area and the equipment housed there.

To make this task a simple one, use Rejuvenate Marine Bilge Cleaner and Degreaser. Simply add the product to the bilge area – if it’s dry add some water first – use a long-handled brush or let the rocking motion of the boat agitate the product. Soak up everything with sponges or towels, or pump it up and dispose of it responsibly ashore.

2.  Clean the Fish Box

Another smelly part of your boat is the fish box or live wells. Don’t let that pungent odor marinate over the winter.

Rinse out the fish box with some water and then add Rejuvenate Marine Fish Box Deodorizer to break down the foul odor and leave a fresh scent in its place. While you’re at it, treat all the coolers and deck boxes on board, you’ll be so glad you did.

3.  Clean the Deck

There’s a good chance your deck will need a good cleaning. Some water, a deck brush, a good deck cleaner from Rejuvenate Marine and you’re good to go (without the hassle of buying or renting a power washer or pressure washer).

Some great products will do this job nicely, an all-round boat soap like Rejuvenate Marine Heavy Duty Boat Soap works well on decks and other parts of the boat (handy!). Alternatively, you can choose something more specific like Rejuvenate Marine Non-Skid Deck Cleaner which has the bonus of a non-slip finish in a user-friendly spray bottle.

4.  Clean the Leather and Vinyl

Sweat, dirt, and bacteria can ruin the upholstery on board. Clean it to keep it looking (and smelling!) like new. Rejuvenate Marine Leather and Vinyl Cleaner makes maintaining these surfaces child’s play! Simply spray it on and wipe it off with a soft cloth (you’ll love these microfiber mitts) and you’re done!

To further protect all seat cushions and benches on your boat, use a bit of Rejuvenate Marine Leather and Vinyl Conditioner to moisturize, restore and protect all leather and vinyl surfaces. A chamois polishing pad is the perfect tool and the final step for revitalizing your vinyl boat seat cushions.


5.  Wash the Hull

The simplest way to clean the hull is to do it out of the water. Scum lines and grime can leave your hull looking dull and stained. Renew its sparkle with a good cleaning.

Rejuvenate Marine Hull Cleaner takes the hard work out of this seemingly mammoth task. Simply spray it on, gently agitate heavily fouled areas with a soft brush, wipe the hull over with a microfiber cloth, rinse it off, and admire your clean boat!


6.     Dry Everything

Trapped moisture is dangerous. It leads to corrosion and encourages mold on board your boat. One of the best ways to protect your boat through the winter is to keep her dry!

-       Use microfiber towels or cloths to dry all the hard surfaces after cleaning

-       Make use of the sun to air and dry fabrics and carpets after cleaning

-       Place special odor and moisture elimination bags by Rejuvenate in areas that tend to be musty. They will help absorb excess moisture in the air and keep the area dry through the winter.       

7.     Guard your Fabrics

Provide a layer of protection on any fabric on board (upholstery or canvas) by using a fabric guard that repels moisture and retards mold growth. Rejuvenate Marine Fabric Guard comes in a handy spray bottle.


8.    Location, Location, Location

Where you store your boat will make a big difference in how your boat fares during those long cold months. The best place to store it is in a secure storage facility or garage.

If you choose to store your boat outdoors, try to do so under a secure shelter of some kind. Don’t store your boat under a tree as there is always a chance it could collapse on your boat during a storm!

Those are our top 8 tips for cleaning, caring for and preparing your boat for winter storage so you can start the next boating season without any major headaches or setbacks.