Floors - 3 Easy Steps

Step 2: Repair Floors > Use Wood Markers

Use Rejuvenate WOOD FURNITURE & FLOOR Repair Markers before you apply Rejuvenate Restorer to fix any small scratches, gouges or damage.

To ensure superior results when using Rejuvenate WOOD FURNITURE & FLOOR Repair Markers, follow these simple application guidelines

• Always clean and prep the surface before you apply repair markers • Test on an inconspicuous area before use • Start with the closest color to the surrounding wood for the first application • GENTLY apply color with the TIP of the marker • Avoid getting excess color on non-damaged areas as best you can • Be sure to wipe off any excess color IMMEDIATELY • Use a finger to blend and remove excess color • If damage is still visible, repeat application or use darker color to blend it in • Allow 5 minutes to dry before you apply Restorer


For easy clean up, use any common rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth.

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